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Weak Teacher

Sinopsis de Weak Teacher

After the battle with Magyo. Murim’s dark organization ‘Black Flower League’ was disbanded. And the commander who led it, ‘Gwi Myeon Dok’. Became a teacher in the Martial arts school Baek Mu kwan.The fifth-generation child. Namgung Mae, who is also called the shame of Namgung family. Enrolls in Baek Mu kwan and joins the snake group as ordered by his father.The Magyo war which was supposed to be ended has started again. Because of the sudden appearance of a special elixir that has brought chaos in Murim…Will Gwi Myeon Dok and his students be able to save the world?Will Namgung Mae be able to wash away the stigma of being the shame of the family. And become a true Gosu?Check Out On Our Site

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