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Let’s Do It After We Marry

Sinopsis de Let’s Do It After We Marry

“Marriage in my life is a definite NO!” says Moa, a misogamist. One day, she faces a situation with a naked Geonwoo, her superior who was rumored to be strict and cold.But oh my goodness…… Are you telling me that such a body belongs to a human?! His body was like an art statue, excellent and magnificent, to which Moa forgot her embarrassment and couldn’t take her eyes off of it.After seeing Geonwoo’s perfect naked figure, Moa experiences a terrible aftereffect, and that was seeing his body whatever she did wherever she was. Tormented by it, a drunk Moa ends up confessing to him one night.“Umm………… Team leader, do you want to try sleeping with me once?”A confession that would never have come out in her right state of mind. Right as her regret came flooding in, a more shocking response came out from him.“I’m sorry but I won’t do it unless it’s with a woman I’ll marry.”

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